Public Liability Claims

An injured party who sustained an injury in public place can seek compensation if their injury was caused by the negligence of the public body who is responsible for that public place.


Accidents in public places happen all the time and are often the result of improper maintenance or due to the presence of hazards to the general population.


Maurice Power Solicitors LLP provide clients with expert legal advice on how to best proceed with their public liability claims. A person has the right to make a public liability claim as long as the accident occurs in a public place. It is the responsibility of public bodies and business owners to ensure the safety of its users.

Common Public Liability Claims

  • Footpath Slips, Trips or Falls

  • Hotel Injury Claim for Slip, Trip or Fall

  • Injured at a restaurant/Food poisoning

  • Personal injuries on a private property

  • Slip Trip or Fall at Work or in the office

  • Slip, Trip or Fall in a Bar or Pub

  • Supermarket Slips, Trips or Falls

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