Equine & Agriculture

Maurice Power Solicitors LLP have extensive experience in providing advice to farmers and persons in the equine industry.

Our team of solicitors can advise clients on the best way to buy, sell or transfer property as cost-effectively as possible.

We ensure clients meet all their legal obligations when completing a property transfer and also advise on the most tax-efficient methods of passing on agricultural property from one generation to the next.

Maurice Power Solicitors LLP also specialise in equine law and are available to provide expert legal advice for matters such as investing in a thoroughbred horse and dispute resolution.

Our services in agriculture law and equine law include:

  • Compulsory purchase

  • Farm acquisitions/disposals

  • Leases, licenses and tenancies (agricultural holdings, farm business tenancies, farm partnerships, commercial leases and residential lettings)

  • Planning and environmental law

  • Racing syndicate agreements

  • Rights of way, restrictive covenants, boundary disputes, trespassers, title issues, sporting rights, grazing right and common rights

  • Stallion syndication agreements

  • Stud/Equine leases, purchases and sales

  • Voluntary transfer of land between family members

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