Probate, Wills & Estate Planning

Maurice Power Solicitors LLP have extensive experience in assisting clients with probate and wills as well as estate planning.

Preparing a will is essential to ensure that your affairs are dealt with in accordance with your wishes after your death. Should anything happen to you, you have the peace of mind that your wishes for your estate are recorded.

Our solicitors can advise on all aspects of making a will.

Writing a will requires many considerations to ensure your wishes are carried out as intended. Our experienced team of experienced are available to guide you through the process in order to secure your estate.

Our Extensive Range Of Probate and Wills Services

  • Advising on the rights and entitlements of beneficiaries, spouses, civil partners and cohabitants

  • Drafting of wills

  • Enduring Power of Attorneys

  • Probate and administration of estates

  • Probate disputes including challenges to wills and testamentary capacity

  • Probate related property sales

  • Succession law and estate planning

  • Tax planning – gift tax, inheritance tax, discretionary trust tax, capital gains tax and stamp duty

  • Trusts – Creation of trusts, administration of trusts, advising on the obligations and duties of trustees and replacement of trustees

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