Medical negligence

Maurice Power Solicitors LLP offer legal representation and advice to clients who have sustained injuries due to medical negligence.


The term medical negligence is used to describe when a patient sustains an injury as a consequence of a medical professional's error, misdiagnosis or failure to take action.

Our solicitors have represented individuals who have been injured due to:

  • Aesthetic Awareness while under General Anaesthetic

  • Delay in Diagnoses of an Illness or Injury

  • Errors During a Surgical Procedure

  • Foreign bodies/Surgical Instruments Retained by a Patient Following a Procedure

  • Incorrect or Inaccurate Test Results

  • Misdiagnosis of an Illness or Injury

  • Prescription Medicine Errors

  • Substandard Care of a Patient

  • Substandard Hygiene in a Clinical/Hospital that leads to Contraction of an Illness

  • Substandard Pre-Surgical Care (e.g. Non-Communication of Risks Involved

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