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WILLS: Failure of a parent to make proper provision in a will – the Section 117 application

The duty of a parent to their child is an onerous one which does not necessarily stop just because the child reaches adulthood; indeed the duty may even continue beyond the grave.

If a deceased person has failed to make ‘proper provision’ for a child in accordance with their means in their will, the child, no matter what age they are, may take an action against the deceased’s estate under section 117 of the Succession Act 1965. Continue reading

INSOLVENCY: Courts to be granted power to overrule a Bank’s veto of insolvency deal under new proposals

Since its introduction in late 2013 many commentators have argued that the Personal Insolvency Act 2012 has not gone far enough in assisting those who are battling against unsustainable debt.

Certainly the number of successful Personal Insolvency Agreements (PIAs) being ruled upon has been underwhelming and far below the numbers that were expected. Continue reading

EMPLOYMENT LAW: Workplace Relations Act 2015 finally to come into force from October 2015

Irish employment law is to undergo a much needed overhaul from the 1st of October 2015 when the highly anticipated Workplace Relations Act 2015 is commenced.

The new Act is a major piece of public service reform and will merge the existing five employment rights bodies into two: The Workplace Relations Commission and The Labour Court. Continue reading

POWER OF ATTORNEY – Preparing for the Future

As a person gets older and their health becomes more unstable they may wish to consider what options they have to ensure that their affairs will be in order going forward. In particular, it is common for someone who may fear that their mind will deteriorate to register a trusted friend or relative with ‘Power of Attorney’ in case these fears become a reality. In doing so they are authorizing that person to make important decisions regarding their property and health on their behalf. This can be limited to a particular purpose, such as selling a house, or be extended to cover a wide range of powers. Continue reading

PERSONAL INJURIES – Ferocious attack by Rottweiler leads to substantial payout for young girl

A young girl who was ferociously attacked by a Rottweiler that escaped from its owner and was roaming the streets has had a settlement agreement for €150,000 sanctioned by the High Court.

In approving the settlement, the Court heard how the defendant’s Rottweiler had escaped from his owner by jumping over a wall and was wandering the neighbourhood at the time of the incident. Continue reading